Carriage Cap Nuts

Our Stainless Steel Carriage Cap Nut Product

Our Revolutionary Carriage Cap Nut (Patent Pending) is a Non-Rotational, Low Profile Cap Nut. This allows you to use different lengths of Full Thread Studs in place of expensive headed fasteners. Also allows for the easy use of different alloys (316 SS, etc.) when needed. No Longer will you have to wait for the special bolts to be made or Sticker Shock from the expense. Available individually or in our Contractor Packs, this is the way to go if you are using the Full Thread Studs for construction.

Stainless Steel Carriage cap nutccnut-righttop view - Stainless Steel Carriage cap nut

Assembly and Installation of the Carriage cap Nut

You have 2 options. Assembled and packaged in our "Contractor Packs" with the threaded rod, flat washer and hex nut, or Unassembled for use with multiple length full thread studs so that you can "Mix & Match" at the jobsite. After Assembly, simply use the same way as a carriage bolt!

Assemble Stainless Steel Carriage cap nutInstallation of Stainless Steel Carriage cap nutAssembly of Stainless Steel Carriage cap nut

Finished Product

一旦安装完毕,profi紧帽有一个清洁、低le look. It protects boats and people.

Installation of carriage cap nutInstalled Carriage Cap NutInstalled stainless steel carriage cap nut