Choosing the Right Blind Rivet

Blind rivets are also known as pop rivets. Together with blind riveting pliers or pop riveters, they are used to fix together materials when you have access to only one side. Think about attaching gutters to your house – you have access to only one side, so blind rivets are right for this job.

Once you have ascertained that blind rivets or pop rivets are what you need for the job at hand, you then need to figure out which type of rivet is best suited to your task.

Stainless Steel Blind Rivets

因为这些盲铆钉是ISO 304草做的de stainless steel, they provide a durable join. They are so good outdoors in the elements that they generally outlast the materials that are being joined. Use stainless steel blind rivets to attach license plates to cars or to repair rusty metal surfaces.

Other Specialty Rivets

Waterproof blind rivets are manufactured in a single piece. This prevents leakage from taking place between the composite materials. Because of this, they are perfectly suited for the repair of gutters or assembly of shower panels, among other jobs.

High performance blind rivets are very useful in a variety of applications. Many contractors swear by these for jobs such as attaching signs and joining sheet materials.

Colored blind rivets are ideal for jobs where you don’t want the rivet to be seen. You can get a color coded bind rivet that will hardly be noticeable when you attach number plates or accessories to your vehicle. These are the ideal rivets for color-sensitive projects and can be beautifully concealed.

XL blind rivets are great for joining soft materials like leather, rubber, or plastic with hard materials. They feature an extra-large head providing a bigger surface area for fastening and extra resistance.

Choosing the correct blind or pop rivet for the job is as important as doing the job right.118bet网娱乐 with the experts at188bet博金宝官方网站for more information on the most suitable fastener for your needs - from nails and screws, to nuts, bolts, and blind rivets too.

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