Are Stainless Steel Screws Rust Proof?


When shopping around, you will have noticed that1188betasia come in at a rather higher price point. That’s not surprising considering that stainless steel usually costs three to four times the price of galvanized steel.

这top four reasons不锈钢紧固件仍然是如此受欢迎的选择包括:

  1. 力量 - 他们将承担多少负载。
  2. 耐用性 - 他们将继续承担多长时间。
  3. 寿命 - 需要更换的频率(或很少发生SS螺钉)
  4. 抵抗腐蚀。腐蚀是一个广泛的术语,描述了通过氧化或其他化学作用的金属恶化。表明铁合金腐蚀的橙棕色变色称为生锈。

What Gives Stainless Steel its Rust Resistance Supremacy?

Before we go any further, let’s clear up a misconception.白金没有腐蚀, rust, or tarnish. Other pure metals like gold and copper contain no iron, so they don’t rust. But copper, for example, does corrode.

Because stainless steel is an alloy containing iron-based metals, it is not strictly rust proof. However, its chromium content reacts with the oxygen to form protective properties that make stainless steel highly resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion. Moreover, this protective shield of chromium oxide re-forms if damaged.

抗锈supremacy of stainless steel screws results from the addition of chromium when the steel is in its molten state. This built-in fortification outperforms an outer layer of protection as found in galvanized screws.

记住,不锈钢等级等于offects its rust resistance. Austenitic stainless steel includes grades 18-8 (303 and 304), 305, and 316. These are listed in order of corrosion resistance, with 316 best suited to severe or marine environments – including if you live within 20 miles of a beach!

When Are Stainless Steel Screws Needed?



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